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AEROSOL is a composition of SUPERLUBE in a bonded matrix which when applied on a surface dries quickly to form a tough lubricious dry film that ends sliding friction and protects the surface from rust and corrosion. Being a dry film it does not attract dust and will not squeeze out under heavy loads thus outlasting conventional types of lubricants.


  • EASE OF APPLICATION by aerosol spray which forms an even layer.

  • MULTIPURPOSE : Can be applied on any clear metal, wood, rubber, concrete and most plastic surfaces.

  • DRIES IN MINUTES to form a tough lubricious long lasting film.

  • DRY FILM LUBRICANT will not pick up any dust, grit, sand or other abrasive materials.

  • FIGHTS FRICTION due to its unique lubricating properties.

  • PROTECTS against rust and corrosion while it lubricates.

  • UNAFFECTEDBY MOISTURE, rain, tropical storms.

  • UNAFFFECTED BY EXTREME TEMPERATURES Can withstand heat, snow and extreme weather conditions.

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Can withstand  salt air, acids and alkali fumes.

  • WILL NOT SQUEEZE OUT under heavy loads or high pressures.

  • WILL NOT BURN OR DRIP OFF at high temperatures.

  • HEAVY DUTY FRICTION FIGHTER will not rub off and will become slicker with use.

  • LONG LASTING: Gives long lasting lubrication and protection under adverse conditions.

  • ECONOMICAL due to its wide coverage and long life.


Wherever sliding friction is encountered particularly in adverse dust conditions, high heat conditions, highly corrosive conditions etc.As an anti seize compound to prevent jamming of moving parts in corrosive conditions

SuperLube No.5: Welcome
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