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Lube-Tube is a unique solid microfine SUPERLUBE Dry lubricant which provides proper lubrication in areas where friction and wear is an issue. The natural lubrication property of SUPERLUBE is not affected by temperature extremes, and will not attract dirt, dust, water, ice or snow. Designed to effectively lubricate locking mechanisms, firearms, bolt and screw threads, Lube-Tube is also effective for household tasks, hobbies and musical instruments. When a grease or wet lubricant just will not work, a Lube-Tube provides effective lubrication.


Locks ,Hinges ,Firearms ,Windows ,Wooden Slides ,Drawers ,Doors ,Toys ,Bicycles ,Tools ,Moving parts of Metal, Wood, Rubber ,Musical Instruments ,Bearings ,Screws ,Sports Goods ,Nuts & Bolts , Locking Mechanisms , Sliding mechanisms , Garage Doors


  • Dry lubrication technology

  • Fine Powder reaches inaccessible areas

  • Reduces Friction

  • Reduces mechanical wear and can extend operating life of products

  • Extends Life of equipment

  • Not affected by high temperature

  • Does not freeze

  • Will not attract dust & dirt or grit

  • Natural, environmentally safe lubricant


Do not use any grease, oil, or other petroleum product on top of this coating, as it may deteriorate the effectiveness of the Lube-Tube

Keep away from electrical contacts and sensitive electrical equipment as the Lube-Tube Dry Lubricant may cause a short circuiting effect .