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SUPERLUBE is a unique solid lubricant composition that resists high temperatures, extreme pressures and highly corrosive conditions to provide effective and long lasting lubrication in the most severe conditions. Its high affinity for metals, chemical inertness, non toxicity, heat and electrical conductivity, low co-efficient of thermal expansion are some of the other unique characteristics on the basis of which for-mulations have been developed for a wide range of Solid Lubricants, Dry Film Lubricants, Protective coatings, Oven Chain Lubricants, Colloidals & Dispersions, Speciality Greases and Consumer Products.
Modcarb’s SUPERLUBE range of industrial lubricants and Speciality Products resists conditions that cause failure of most lubricants, namely temperatures, pressures and chemical conditions, and are formulated to provide efficient and effective lubrication in the most demanding and difficult environments.

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