Product Data Sheet

GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAn all purpose high quality water repellent calcium grease fortified with SUPERLUBE and other extreme pressure ingredients to provide maximum lubrication through a wide range of pressure, temperature, heavy load conditions and lower maintenance costs.

  1. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                             Test Method Ref to (P:) of IS 1448

  2. 1. Consistency of worked grease at 25 +0.5deg. C at double strokes          280                                               P:0

  3. 2. Drop Point                                                                                                +120 deg.                                     CP:52

  4. 3. Copper Strip Corrosion at 75 deg .C for 24hrs.                                    Negative                                         P:61

  5. 4. Water Content, % by mass,max.                                                               Nil                                                P:40

  6. 5. Free organic Acidity (as oleic acid) % by mass, max.                            Nil                                                 P:53

  7. 6. Free Alkalinity (as Ca(OH)2) % by mass, max.                                    0.08%                                             P:53

  8. 7. Heat Stability at 120 deg.C for 1 hour                                                  Pass                                                P:62

  9. 8. Low Temperature Pumping Properties                                                Pass                                                App.A

  10. 9. Glycerine Content % by mass, max.                                                      0.12%                                         ASTM D-128

  11. 10. Four ball weld load                                                                             620 Kg.                                             IP239

  12. 11. Wear Scar dia. at 40 Kg. Load, 1200 rpm75 deg. C for one hour  0.725 mm.

  13. 12. Kinematic Viscosity in cst at 40 deg. min                                            140                                                   P:25

  14. 13. Flash Point deg.C, min.                                                                      225 deg.                                          CP:69

  15. 14. Ash Percentage by mass, max.                                                           3.4%                                                 P:52

  16. 16. Oil Separation at 25 deg. C for 168hours,percentage by mass, max. Nil                                              P:85

  17. 17. In-organic acidity                                                                                  Pass                                             App.A

  18. 18. Resistance to breakdown or tendency ofconstituents to separate     Pass                                             App.B

  19. TYPICAL USESA general purpose grease ideal for hot bearings of Sugar Mill Rollers, pump plungers, chains, gear boxes, leaf springs, steering boxes, hydraulic excavators, bearings operating under wet conditions, water pumps, wet end of paper machines, rails, open gears, chassis lubricant, conveyor rollers, production and material handling equipments and wherever high pressure, high temperature & heavy load conditions exist.

  20. ADVANTAGESOrdinary grease tend to melt off at elevated temperatures or get squeezed out under heavy pressure and high load conditions. SUPERGREASE is fortified with SUPERLUBE which will not melt off, burn out or get squeezed out under heavy load and high pressure thereby providing effective and long lasting lubrication in difficult environments and preventing seizure. As the grease is fortified with SUPERLUBE and other EP additives, it can withstand much higher loads – Weld load is 650 Kg./sq. cm.



  23. 1 Kg. Tins – 4 per case170104

  24. 1 Kg. Tins – 16 per case170116

  25. 5 Kg. Tins – 4 per case170504

  26. 20 Kg. Drums172000

  27. 200 Kg. Drums170200