Product Data Sheet

  1. GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA composition of SUPERLUBE in abonded matrix which when applied on a surface dries quickly to form a tough, long lasting lubricating dry film that ends sliding friction, protects the surface from rust and corrosion, resists moisture, high and low temperatures, and extreme pressures and will not attract dust and dirt. Ideal as general purpose lubricants.


  3. Solid Contents57%

  4. LubricantSUPERLUBE

  5. Recommended ThinnerSUPERLUBE THINNER

  6. Flash Point (wet)82o F

  7. Viscosity in KU110 .

  8. Drying TimeTack free in 20 minutes Complete dry in One hours.

  9. BrushabilityGood.

  10. Oil resistanceExcellent.

  11. Weather Resistance( On steel) Very Good.

  12. Water ResistanceVery Good.

  13. Brine ResistanceVery Good.

  14. ColourDark Grey.

  15. Coverage120 sq. ft. per litre.


  17. As a general purpose lubricant wherever sliding friction is encountered. On application it dries quickly to form a tough lubricious dry film that ends sliding friction and protects the surface from rust and corrosion. Its ability to withstand heavy pressure, dust, extreme temperatures, corrosive conditions, acids, and chemicals makes it ideal for industries most demanding conditions where conventional lubricants fail.


  19. Can be applied on any surface – metal, wood, plastic, concrete.

  20. Will not get squeezed out under heavy loads.

  21. Wont pick up abrasive dust and dirt.

  22. Protects against salt, acids, alkalies and fumes.

  23. Lubricates efficiently at high temperature.

  24. Lubricates efficiently at low temperature.

  25. Conducts heat and electricity.

  26. Resists extreme weather conditions.

  27. Outlasts conventional lubricants by 10 to 1.

  28. Most economical due to its wide coverage and long life.



  31. 1 Litre Tins – 4 per case050104

  32. 1 Litre cans – 16 per case050116

  33. 4 Litre cans – 4 per case050404


  35. CLEANING : Good surface preparation before the initial application is essential for adhesion and performance of SUPERLUBE NO.3 Dry film Lubricant. Remove grease, oil, dust and dirt from the area to be coated and dry the surface before the application.

  36. MIXING – Occasionally, as a result of storage a can will have some separation of clear solvent at the top. When this is noticed, force a rod through the paste to make holes to drain the solvent to the bottom, then stir thoroughly. If solvent evaporation occurs, thin with SUPERLUBE THINNER to desired consistency.

  37. APPLICATION – Can be applied by brush, spray, dip, roll or flow. Coverage about 120 sq. ft. per liter. Drying time will vary with the thickness of the coating. In general coating will dry tack free in 20 minutes. To ensure complete drying allow about 1 hour.