Product Data Sheet

  1. GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONHigh purity solid SUPERLUBE lubricant of large particle size  (range 0.197 mm to 2.00 mm) for heavy duty lubrication to withstand extreme temperatures, extreme pressures and corrosive conditions. Ideal as a Dry lubricant and parting agent on pipe joints, gaskets and packing.


    Solid Content100%

    Density2.25 gm./cc.

    Youngs Modulas470 – 980 Kg./

    Electrical conductivity0.0395 – 0.0693

    Electrical resistance0.00283 (at 21o C)

    Hardness25-45 Hardness Selerescope Less than 1-2 Hardness Mohs scale

    Coefficient of linear expansion at 17 oC to 190o C0.04244

    Sublimation Temperature3650o C

    Vapourisation temperature4500o C

    Oxidation Temperature900o C

    Flash PointNone

    Freeze pointNone

    Particle size0.197 to 2.00 mm.

    Acid ResistanceVery good

    Brine ResistanceVery good

    Chemical ResistanceVery good

  3. TYPICAL USES Used dry or as an additive to oils and greases for long life  applications to withstand extreme pressure and high  temperatures. Ideal as a lubricant and parting agent on pipe joints, moulds, gaskets, gears, chains, packing etc. exposed  to air, alkali, gas, acid or brine.

  4. ADVANTAGESHigh purity SUPERLUBE providing unique lubricating   characteristics as it is unctuous, dry solid lubricant which resists high temperatures, is a good conductor  of heat and electricity and has a low coefficient of expansion.  SUPERLUBE’s affinity for metal surfaces tends to result in filling of the pores of small voids of the metal resulting in smoother surfaces. Also it’s  solid state allows it to  withstand extreme pressures without being forced out of load bearing surfaces. SUPERLUBE resists conditions that cause failure of most lubricants namely high temperature, high pressure and corrosive chemical conditions.  As it is     chemically inert and is not affected by temperature and pressure, it is an  ideal parting agent for application on   pipe threads, gaskets and moulds.  As it not wetted by molten  metals it is an ideal mould lubricant.  Being chemically     inert it is ideal for applications in corrosive conditions.



    500 gms. Tins- 48 per case010548

    1 KG. Tins – 24 per case010124

    4 KG. Tins – 6 per Case010406

    10 KG. Drums011000

    20 KG. Drums012000