Product Data Sheet

  1. GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONHigh purity fine mesh SUPERLUBE packed in a convenient spill proof, easy to use plastic bellow. SUPERLUBE is a versatile dry lubricant that can be used on any surface – metal, wood, plastic or rubber – offers excellent heat resistance and works well where temperature, pressure or corrosive elements are so extreme that ordinary lubricants just wont work. Refillable from cans of SUPERLUBE MICRO MESH .

  2. TYPICAL USESA general purpose dry lubricant that can be used on any surface- metal, wood, plastic rubber. Packed in a convenient spill proof bellow for easy application wherever sliding friction is encountered. It can withstand high tempertures, high pressure or corrosive conditions. It also has excellent parting ability and hence can be used on gaskets, pipe joints, moulds etc. As the particle size is very fine (95% below 0.044 mm) it can be used for close tolerance application like bearings, spindles, bobbins, locks, hinges, slides, guides etc.

  3. ADVANTAGESHigh purity SUPERLUBE provides unique lubricating characteristics as it is unctuous, dry solid lubricants which resists high temperature, is a good conductor of heat and electricity and has a low coefficient of expansion. SUPERLUBES’s affinity for metal surface tend to result in filling of the pores or small voids of the metals resulting in smoother surfaces. Also its solid state allows it to withstand extreme pressures without being forced out of load bearing surfaces. SUPERLUBE resists conditions that cause failure of most lubricants namely high temperature, high pressure and corrosive chemical conditions. As it is chemically inert and is not affected by temperaure and pressure, it is an ideal parting agent for application on pipe threads, gaskets and moulds. As it is not wetted by molten metals it is an ideal mould lubricant. Being chemically inert it is ideal for applications in corrosive conditions.


                              PACKING                                PRODUCT CODE

                12 SHOPGUNS to a Display Box               211200

                 8 Display Boxes to a case                             211208