Product Data Sheet

  1. GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA two pack epoxy paint formulation of a unique plate type structural composite which when mixed and coated produces a tough glossy grey coloured corrosion resistant coating that will withstand the most severe chemical attack of acids, fumes, chemicals, sea water, salt spray and moisture to provide effective and long lasting protection.


  3. Recommended ThinnerSUPERLUBE ET THINNER

  4. Flash Point (wet)82o F

  5. Viscosity in KU110

  6. ColourDark Grey

  7. DryingAnaerobic

  8. Drying Time5 hours

  9. BrushabilityGood

  10. Weather ResistanceVery Good

  11. Water ResistanceExcellent

  12. Oil ResistanceExcellent

  13. Brine ResistanceVery Good

  14. Acid ResistanceGood

  15. Tensile Shear Strength350 Kg./Sq. cm. on steel

  16. TYPICAL USESIdeal as a protective coating for heavy duty protection in the most difficult and corrosive environments like chemical units, marine applications, coated structures etc.


  18. Anaerobic Drying.

  19. Plate type structure aligns to the surface giving maximum   protection to the surface.

  20. Protective covering chemically insert and hence protects the   surface from corrosive chemicals, acids and fumes.

  21. Protective covering can withstand severe weathering.

  22. Protective covering impervious to moisture and hence protects  surface from moisture & water.

  23. Epoxy resin has excellent resistance to acids and chemicals and offers the most effective protection.

  24. Coverage approx. 100 sq. ft. per litre of Mixture.

  25. Long lasting.

  26. APPLICATIONCLEANING : Good surface preparation before the initial application is essential for adhesion and performance  of SUPERLUBE R&H . Remove grease,  oil, dust and dirt from the area to be coated and dry the surface before the application.MIXING – SUPERLUBE R&H is supplied as a two component mixture. Occasionally, as a result of storage a can will have some separation of clear solvent at the top. When this is noticed, force a rod through the paste to make holes to drain the solvent to the bottom, then stir thoroughly. Mix SUPERLUBE R (resin) with SUPERLUBE H (Hardener) in a proportion of 1:1 in a separate container.

  27. APPLICATION – Apply the mixture with a clean paint brush or by dip, roll, spray or pour. Two coats will give better result. Drying time should be allowed between applications.

  28. DRYING – The length of time required will vary with the thickness of the coating. In general a minimum of µ hours is required for complete drying and overnight drying should be sufficient. Allow coated surfaces to dry completely before use.



  31. 1 litre Tins – 2 sets per case100104

  32. 1 litre Tins – 8 sets per case100116

  33. 4 litre Tins – 2 sets per case100404

  34. Note- One set of SUPERLUBE ET PROTECT consists of 1 Tin of SUPERLUBE ET – R (Resin) and 1 Tin of SUPERLUBE ET – H (Hardener)