Product Data Sheet

  1. GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA paint formulation of a unique plate type structural composite which aligns itself to the surface to be protected to form a protective wall which is chemically insert, impervious to moisture, opaque to ultra violet rays and its resistant to salt air, acids, alkalies and fumes thereby protecting the surface from corrosion and chemical attack.


  3. Recommended ThinnerSUPERLUBE THINNER

  4. Flash Point (wet)82o F

  5. Viscosity in KU110

  6. Drying TimeTack free in 20 minutes Complete dry in One hour

  7. BrushabilityGood

  8. Weather Resistance( On steel) Good

  9. Water ResistanceGood

  10. Brine ResistanceGood

  11. ColourDark Grey

  12. Coverage100sq. ft. per litre

  13. TYPICAL USESA general purpose corrosion resistance coating which on application dries quickly to form a protective wall on the surface that will prevent rust and corrosion in the most difficult environment.


  15. Quick Drying. Tack free in 20 minutes and complete dry in 1 hour.

  16. Plate type structure aligns to the surface giving maximum   protection to the surface.

  17. Protective covering chemically inert and hence protects the   surface from corrosive chemicals, acids and fumes.

  18. Protective covering can withstand severe weathering and is not   affected by U.V. rays.

  19. Protective covering impervious to moisture and hence protects   surface from moisture & water.

  20. Binder resin has inbuilt flexibility to withstand severe   weathering.

  21. Coverage approx. 100 sq. ft. per litre.

  22. Most economical.

  23. APPLICATIONCLEANING : Good surface preparation before the initial application is essential for adhesion and performance of SUPERPROTECT NO.1 Corrosion Protection Coating. Remove grease, oil, dust and dirt from the area to be coated and dry the surface before the application.MIXING – Occasionally, as a result of storage a can will have some separation of clear solvent at the top. When this is noticed, force a rod through the paste to make holes to drain the solvent to the bottom, then stir thoroughly. If solvent evaporation occurs, thin with SUPERLUBE THINNER to desired consistency.

  24. APPLICATION – Can be applied by the brush, dip, roll, spray or flow. Coverage about 100 sq. ft. per litre. Drying time will vary with the thickness of the coating. In general coating will dry tack free in 20 minutes. To ensure complete drying allow about 1 hour.



  27. 1 litre Tins – 4 per case090104

  28. 1 litre Tins – 16 per case090116

  29. 4 litre Tins – 4 per case090404