Product Data Sheet

1.GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA versatile high purity fine mesh SUPERLUBE packed in a convenient plastic squeeze tube for lubrication of plastic, metal, wood or rubber. Especially effective for locks and can be used for hinges, guns, windows, wooden slides, drawers, doors, toys, skate boards, bicycles, tools and moving parts of metal, plastic, wood or rubber.CAUTION ‚ – Do not use on ignition locks or locks that actuate electrical devices.

2.TYPICAL USESFor locks, hinges, sliding surfaces on drawers, doors, windows, guns, moving parts made of plastic, wood, rubber, metal or other materials.

3.ADVANTAGESPrevents sticking, binding, galling, wear of sliding surfaces.


                                  PACKING                                              PRODUCT CODE

                     Plastic Squeeze tubes sealed

                    until used with threaded caps.

                          Boxes of 1 dozen tubes                                        201200

                          12 Boxes to a case                                                201201